Observation deck guide

Observation deck guide

Area for a dramatic bird’s eye view of Sapporo.
Area for a dramatic bird’s eye view of Sapporo.

It is 60 seconds by elevator from the third floor to the observation deck, 90.38 metres above ground.
The entirety of Sapporo city unfolds beneath your eyes, set to a background of the magnificent Ishikari countryside,
the far afield Japan Sea, and Odori Park, where flowers bloom in the four seasons.
Command a panoramic view of the YOSAKOI Soran Festival, Sapporo Snow Festival, and White Illumination.

Normal opening hours
  • 2021/7/12 (Mon.) ~ 2022/3/31 (Thu.)
    (Last admission to the observatory is 19:50)
White Illumination
  • The date is undecided.
Snow Festival
  • The date is undecided.
Business closure
  • 2021/4/14 (Wed.)
  • 2021/11/10 (Wed.)
  • 2022/1/1 (Sat.)

(Opening hours may change due to additional events)
There will be separate notification of opening hours for the end of year and New Year period, the Snow Festival and the White Illumination.

Sapporo TV Tower light up schedule

Optimal as a photo spot when visiting Sapporo. Timing of the switch from light up to illumination is also not to be missed. As the sunset time varies according to season, the times listed below may change.

Electric clock lights-out time
The Sapporo TV tower electric clock is turned off at a specified time each day.Having a solid impact on the prevention of global warming, this practice greatly affects energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction and is named ‘Light down action’.

Electric clock lights-out time

Observation deck floor

  1. Skyshop


    This is the observation deck souvenir shop! We stock ‘TV Dad’ goods only available for purchase on the observation deck! The most popular products at the skyshop are naturally ‘TV Dad’ goods. T-shirts, soft toys, and stationery are all hot-sellers that may sell out on weekends. As ‘TV Dad’ is a seasonal character, make sure to get yours soon.

  2. ‘TV Dad’ shrine

    ‘TV Dad’ shrine

    The shrine, atop the highest floor of Sapporo TV Tower, is located in the highest place of urban Sapporo. Although the shrine architecture is based on the authentic Ise Shrine, it is a lovely shrine boasting of stone guardian lion dog statues in the likeness of ‘TV Dad’ and ‘Mum’.
    To the extent that the good friends ‘TV Dad’ and ‘Mum’ have even been made into the guardian lion dogs of the shrine, the shrine wholeheartedly accepts all people’s prayers of ‘family wellbeing’, ‘happy marriage’ and ‘success in love’, as well as those of ‘academic performance’ and ‘wishes for health’. The faithful will be saved! Fortunes are sometimes right and sometimes wrong! Please come and worship with a big heart.

  3. ‘TV Dad’ fortunes

    ‘TV Dad’ fortunes

    TV Dad’ Fortunes
    There are five types of fortunes: excellent luck, moderate luck, slight luck, future good luck and bad luck. ‘TV Dad’ will reveal our upcoming fortunes! We offer a ‘TV Dad’ good luck charm, unavailable for purchase, as a free gift to those who receive a ‘bad luck’ fortune. Why not get your ‘TV Dad’ fortune as a memento of your trip?

    • Charge
      200 yen each
    • Product contents
      TV Dad fortune
      (Fortune and a ‘TV Dad’ wooden tag)
  4. ‘TV Dad’ photo booth stickers

    ‘TV Dad’ photo booth stickers

    ‘TV Dad’ photo booth stickers ? only at the observation deck!! These photo booth stickers are limited to those who come to the observation deck. When coming up to the deck, be sure to take one with your family and friends as a memento of your trip!!

    • Location
      observation deck
    • Charge
      500 yen
      ※300 yen for reprints
  5. Elongated coins only available at the observation deck

    Elongated coins only available at the observation deck

    Elongated coins, available only at the observation deck, are precious token coins transformed into an elliptical shape. With a charge of 200 yen and an inexpensive token coin, they make the perfect souvenir goods.

    • Types
      3 types (‘TV Dad’ - 1 type; Sapporo TV Tower ? 2 types)
    • Charge
      200 yen each
    • Token coin size
      length - 4cm, width ? 2cm
  6. Sapporo TV Tower memento token coins

    Sapporo TV Tower memento token coins

    There are two types of memento token coins, ‘Sapporo TV Tower’ and ‘TV Dad’, both only available from the Sapporo TV Tower.※Purchased token coins can be inscribed with your name (alphabet letters only) and the date.

    • Types
      Two types - Sapporo TV Tower,‘TV Dad’ token coins
    • Charge
      400 yen
    • Token coin size
      Diameter - 3cm, thickness - 2mm
    • Loacation
      1st floor and the observation deck
    • Inscription machine
      100 yen per time
  7. TV telescope

    TV telescope

    There is a TV telescope installed on the west side of the observation deck!! The observation deck, which gives a sweeping view of Odori Park, looks out onto the panorama of Sapporo city: Ishikari Bay, Mount Teine, and Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, famous for its ski jump competitions. Additionally, you can use the telescope to view the Sapporo Snow Festival and Sapporo White Illumination in winter, and the Yosakoi Soran Festival in June!! It’s definitely worthwhile for first time visitors to take a look!

    • Charge
      200 yen per use (2 mins)
    • Location
      West side observation deck
    • Number
      3 telescopes
  8. Window of thrills (A scary looking window)

    Window of thrills
    (A scary looking window)

    We have replaced the three panes of window glass in the southeast section with one pane that extends from floor to ceiling. It is a view with a sense of spaciousness, incorporating plenty of light. The synergy of the outward sloping window and the landscape directly below, viewed at your feet, creates a uniquely named spot where you can experience a thrill like never before.