1. About TV Tower operations

    • What are your operating hours? When is the Tower closed?

      This varies depending on the summer period, the winter period and event circumstances.
      Additionally, the Sapporo TV Tower closes for the New Year and for facilities inspections.
      For details, please see ‘Operating Hours

    • Is there a parking lot?

      As there is no parking lot at the Sapporo TV Tower, please use nearby parking areas.

    • Is there an admission fee?

      No fee is charged to access the basement to the 2nd floor, as well as part of the 3rd floor.
      There is a fee to enter part of the 3rd floor and the observation deck, please see ‘Price Guide

    • Can we enter with our pets?

      Accompanying pets are not permitted entry to the Sapporo TV Tower. (However, guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing dogs are permitted)

    • How can I get to the Sapporo TV Tower?

      Please refer to the ‘Access’ page.

    • Is there an accessible toilet?

      One is located in the toilets on the 1st floor.

    • Do you have wheelchairs for loaning out?

      Yes, we do. Please inform the Sapporo TV Tower staff if one is desired. Please understand that numbers are limited.

    • Are there foreign language information pamphlets?

      Pamphlets in English, Korean, Thai, Traditional and Simplified Chinese have been placed in front of the shop on the 1st floor, and next to the 3rd floor ticket vending machine. Please take them freely.

  2. About the TV Tower building

    • What is the height of the observation deck in meters?

      The height of the observation deck is roughly 90 meters.
      Additionally, the full length of the Sapporo TV Tower is 147.2 meters.

    • Are radio waves transmitted from the TV Tower?

      Currently there is no radio wave transmission.

    • When was the TV Tower built?

      Completed in August 1957, we are presently at the 58th anniversary.
      (Currently April 2015).
      Additionally, Tachu Naito, the designer, was also involved in the design of Hakata Port Tower, Tokyo Tower, Beppu Tower, Tsutenkaku and Nagoya TV Tower.

    • Can WiFi be used in the building?

      Only the observation deck is a free of charge, carrier-free WiFi spot. Please use WiFi there.